Spectators arrive for the first day of practice at the US Women's Open at Lancaster Country on Monday morning. (Chris Knight photo)

Mike Gross: Going to the Open? Here’s where to watch.

Posted: July 6, 2015 2:03 pm

Here are some spots where you’ll be able to see a variety of U.S. Women’s Open golf and golfers with minimal exertion:
Behind the first green: As you face the green from the back, the tee at 12 and green at the eighth — two terrific par-3s — are just behind and to your left.
The ninth tee is directly to your left. To your right are two of the more interesting greens on the course — the 11th and 15th, both big-league par-4s. Next to the 11th green is the tee complex at 16, a shorter par-4 with some strategic options. Also, this is a high point of the property, with a panoramic view of the back nine.
Behind the 18th tee: Another convergence, and another high, scenic viewpoint.
The green at 10, which might be LCC’s toughest, is right there. So are the tees of 11, 14 and 18 — all sweeping, up-and-down par-4s — and the par-3 17th green.
The 1761 Club: This is kind of a cheat, since access comes only with a “membership,’’ which costs $225 for the week, and memberships were 99 percent sold out as of June 27.
The Club is a barn and adjoining temporary structure with good views of tee shots at the par-5 13th, the green at the gorgeous par-3 12th and the second shots at 16, an interesting par-4.
Oh, and food, a bar, comfy chairs, a wraparound porch and air conditioning.
Across the Conestoga: From the second green, down a hill to a bridge over the river, are the third through sixth holes, bisected by the Conestoga tributary Stauffer Run. It’s a sequence of shorter holes that should yield birdies and are very, very cool from a design standpoint.
Behind the par-3 sixth, right on the river, is a small tee for the seventh, a shorter, potentially risk-reward par-5 with a pond guarding the green.
This part of the course might be hard (not impossible, let’s hope) to get to, but if you’re into golf courses, it’ll be worth the effort.
The 18th green: Among golf spectators, there are roamers and squatters.
This is a prime squatters spot at any tournament.
Bleachers create a stadium effect. Especially on Sunday, you’re more likely to see a SportsCenter moment here than anywhere else.