LPGA ShopRite: Pros, and ams, and pro-ams

Posted: May 28, 2015 7:47 pm

GALLOWAY, N.J. – Why is the ShopRite LPGA Classic only 54 holes?

“It must be to get all the pro-ams in,” one tour caddie on the practice range said Thursday.

There are SIX pro-ams here over two days, each with 150 players (four amateurrs and a pro per group), using up not only both courses at Stockton Seaview Golf Club but nearly Galloway National and Atlantic City Country Club.

There are enough pro-am spots that many Symetra Tour and part-time pros (like Paige MacKenzie of Golf Channel fame) are in town for a reported financial guarantee and expenses.

One of the ShopRite’s top beneficiaries is Boys and Girls Clubs of Atlantic City. Veteran pro Natalie Gulbis has her name on a B&GC in Las Vegas, and has accepted a challenge from the organization’s local chapter: Every 10,000 steps she walks this week are good for $1,000 for Boys & Girls’ Clubs.


The actual golf tournament begins Friday.