Will L.C.C.'s "greens,'' ever look like this? Not even post apocalypse.

Five questions about the women’s open raised by the men’s open

Posted: June 22, 2015 12:26 pm

Will Lancaster’s greens look, roll, or inspire criticism like Chambers Bay’s?

If so, greenskeeper Todd Bidlespacher will aerify himself.

Which is another way of saying no. A thousand times, no.

Holes with tees 90 yards apart (laterally)…. par-4s one day becoming par-5s the next …..550-yard par-4s, 210-yard 6-irons, guys dribbling golf balls on the fairways … Will they even be playing the same sport here as at Chambers Bay?

Same sport, but big differences. It’ll be a lot greener here. Too late for the U.S.G.A, to change that even if it wanted to, and it doesn’t. The scorecard length will vary day to day, but Lancaster will average about 1,000 yards shorter. That’s deceptive, though. Given the length the women hit the ball and all the uphill approach shots, Lancaster might effectively play longer.

Will I be able to get close to the golfers on the course? Looked like that was an issue at Chambers Bay.

It was an issue, one of several the U.S.G.A. probably should have thought through better before taking the men’s Open there. Won’t be nearly as big an issue here. There are some tight spots at L.C.C., especially on the back nine. There are some places where it’ll be hard to get close to the action. But overall, L.C.C. will be an intimate arena. Unless you have courtside NBA tickets, you’ll be able to get closer to the players while they’re playing than in any other pro spectator sport.

Will Fox Sports’ coverage team be burned out by the time it gets to Lancaster?

Maybe a little. With the long grind of the men’s open and then the U.S. Senior Open this week in Sacramento, the TV folks will be doing their third USGA championship in four weeks at L.C.C. The crew will be a bit different, if only because Natalie Gulbis and Morgan Pressel, two LGPA pros who were part of the network’s 360 Digital coverage at Chambers Bay, are playing in the women’s Open.

It’s entirely possible that by the weekend of the USWO, Joe Buck and Greg Norman will have had enough of each other.

How about the cast of characters – are there female counterparts for Jordan Speith, Dustin Johnson, et al?

The female Spieth is Lydia Ko. Both are precocious kids (Spieth 21, Ko 18) ranked No. 2 in the world who seem too good to be true. That would mean 26 year-old world No. 1 Rory McIlroy=26 year-old world No. 1 Inbee Park, although the golf games of those two are about as different as Tiger Woods now and Tiger Woods then.

(No, there is no female Tiger Woods.)

The closest Dustin Johnson analogue might be Michelle Wie. They’re both long and elegant and avoid the media. When they have driver in their hands, watch. Putter? Cover your eyes.