A 14 year-old will play in the U.S. Women’s Open

Posted: July 1, 2015 3:38 pm

No player in the U.S. Women’s Open will travel farther to Lancaster than Suzuka Yamaguchi.

In other news, she’s 14 years old.

Yamaguchi shot 66 and 69, nine under par, to finish second in sectional qualifying for the Open June 15 in Kobe, Japan. She tied for second among 86 players in the qualifier. The low six earned berths.

Women’s golf has a history of precocious children. Yamaguchi isn’t nearly the youngest to play in a Women’s Open, although she will be the youngest Japanese player. Californian Lucy Li played in it last year at age 11.

Yamaguchi attends a junior golf academy run by Japanese golf legend Tsuneyuki “Tommy,” Nakajima and has played in five tournaments on the JLPGA Tour,

“My goal is to make the cut,” Yamamguchi said . “I want to be the money winner (on the Japanese tour) by the time I am 20,”

Li impressed fans and media at last year’s Open at Pinehurst Country Club, but her two rounds of 78 didn’t come close to making the cut. She didn’t qualify this year.